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Over 250,000 Canadians have been trained in Mental Health First Aid. Here is feedback from some of them about their experience with the course and instructors.


“No matter where you grew up, what level of education you earned, or what profession you are in, marriage status, or culture you belong to, Mental Health First Aid is going to improve society in so many ways. It will break down barriers.”


“People taking medication for depression is no different than anyone taking medication for any other problem whether it is mental or physical. That is something I have really started to tell people.”


“This course was very informational, practical, and enjoyable. I believe it should be a requirement just as the traditional first aid courses are. If it were more widely available I would certainly encourage my employees to attend.”


“I would recommend more people take it, especially in our organization for front line police officers. It was great to have an instructor with so much experience!”


"This course taught me the skills that are necessary in a case of crisis. I am very pleased to say that this course will help us provide clients the support they need and deserve.


"This was a very useful workshop and should be mandatory for anyone who has to deal with clients/students and especially your peers. This workshop gives you the tool to recognize and deal with the behavior more easily."


"This course reinforced, and reminded me of the many of the hard learned lessons of life that I have encountered over the past half century. Mostly, it has reminded me that sometimes, listening appropriately is the best first aid of all!"


"I enjoyed this course feeling it was one of my favourites I have taken over the years. The instructors were mazing and keeping me engaged as well as explaining information and how it related to our clients. I would highly recommend this course."


"I am recommending this course to family, friends and colleagues. I realized through this course that I carried allot of misinformation and misconceptions about mental illness."


"I would recommend this course to absolutely anyone! I learned so much during the two days of the MHFA course, it really opened up my eyes to a lot of things and I feel much more comfortable talking about Mental Health with others now."


"Thoroughly enjoyed the course, I feel I have learnt some new life skills an feel more confident if I found myself in a situation involving mental health."


"If this course was part of the Grade 12 health portion of the Physical Education Program in high school, major strides in changing public attitude and awareness would be effected. I believe this could save lives."


"I have recommended the course to many different people and have strongly advised them to contact MHFA and find out more information. I believe that this is a program that can save lives, when used by police in the right situation."


"This was an excellent course, made even better by the instructor. It opened my eyes to my own biases and preconceived ideas. I definitely feel better equipped to deal with students in crisis."


"One of the best courses I have taken."


"This course would be appropriate for all people working at the front lines with difficult clients. The knowledge shared has made me more aware and empathatic of people suffering from mental illness."


"This was an incredible course. It gave me concrete tools that I can use to help people."


"As a clinical psychologist I took the course to become familiar with what others are learning. I was extremely impressed by the course!!"


"I have gained a greater awareness and understanding of Mental Health issues. I have also gained a confidence within myself as a professional to recognize, empathize and provide supports to individuals with mental health barriers."


"This was a real eye opener. I would recommend it to anyone working with people in general."


"Great course!! Valuable information, this course is as important as the First Aid, they should be mandatory!"


"The course presentation was great, there was a great deal of interaction and learning that engaged the whole group. I have had my eyes opened, as we deal with mental health issues on a daily basis in our work."