Veteran Community Instructor

Profile of an MHFA Veteran Community Instructor

MHFA Veteran Community is training instructors to fulfill an agreement to deliver the course to members of the Canadian Veteran community.  These instructors are:

  • Delivering the courses where Veterans and their communities are
  • Offering the course in English and French



As a MHFA Veteran Community course instructor you:

  • may deliver the MHFA Veteran Community course on behalf of MHFA Canada to designated participants across Canada in English or French
  • will be supported by the MHFA Canada team
  • will have access to course updates and materials

Criteria and Expectations

Applicants who wish to become instructors will be selected on how well they meet the criteria for being a Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) Canada Veteran Community instructor. The following are the essential criteria for being selected to participate in the instructor training course:

Must be connected to the Veterans' Community in a signficant way; this includes those who:

  • are Veterans or former members of the RCMP;
  • have family that are Veterans or former members of the RCMP; and/or
  • have extensive professional experience working with Veterans or former members of the RCMP.


In addition to these core criteria, applicants must meet the following:

  • Minimum 2 years’ experience working in a front-line position (paid or unpaid) within the last 10 years supporting Veterans or former members of the RCMP living with mental health problems
  • Good knowledge of mental disorders and their treatment and their impact on members of the Veteran community
  • Experience delivering training/teaching effectively to adult learners
  • Experience in networking with community partners
  • Knowledge of the range of mental health services available to the Veteran Community
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills
  • Positive attitudes towards people with mental health problems
  • Enthusiasm to reduce stigma/discrimination associated with mental illness
  • Proficient in computer programs such as PowerPoint and Excel, and must have an email address, internet, access to a computer and a projector 


How to Apply

Submit a completed MHFA Veteran Community Instructor Application Package, including:

  • Thorough answers to the questionnaire
  • A current resume
  • A letter of support from your organization OR two references if applying to be an independent operator

Please note that applications must be typed and sent back in PDF format. Handwritten applications will be returned.

We will review and respond with one of the following next steps:

  1. Based on our criteria and expectations, you are approved to attend an MHFA instructor training course and the next step is for you to tell us which course you would like to take
  2. We need more information and possibly a phone interview
  3. Based on our criteria and expectations, you are not approved to attend an MHFA instructor training course at this time and you are encouraged to re-apply in a year when gaps in knowledge, attitude, or experience are addressed.  Please note that due to the high volume of applications we receive, we are not always able to provide specific feedback to applicants though we will always strive to do so.



Instructor Course Experience

This course runs for 5 consecutive days, normally Monday to Friday and all upcoming courses are listed on our website.

Successful applicants will attend the 5-day instructor training course of their choice (space permitting).   

All MHFA instructor courses are delivered by an experienced and engaging Master Trainer.


DAY 1 and 2

The MHFA Veteran Community course is modeled by the Master Trainer.  Candidates attend the full day as well as additional time before and after the course is delivered to discuss key points, review both content and delivery, and compare notes on their experiences.

At the end of Day 2, each candidate is provided with a section of the course (usually 45 minutes in length) that she must present to the group on Day 4 or Day 5.  


Day 3

The Master Trainer and the candidates spend the day reviewing the particulars of being an MHFA instructor:

  • Review and discuss the content of the instructor resource kit
  • Review and discuss effective course delivery to various audiences
  • Review and discuss the administrative and technical requirements of MHFA instructors

On Day 3 and Day 4 the Master Trainer is available to provide individual and small group support to candidates as they prepare their presentations.


Day 4 and 5

Candidates deliver a 45 minute section of the MHFA course to their peers.  Each candidate will use the materials provided by MHFA Canada including handouts, PowerPoint slides, and course manuals.  

Upon completion of each presentation, the candidates will provide peer feedback.

Once all presentations are completed, candidates will have one-on-one meetings with the Master Trainer where feedback is discussed.  Candidates will learn whether they were successful during this meeting.



Candidate Assessment

Candidates on the MHFA Instructor training course are assessed for their ability to prepare and deliver a section of the MHFA course to their peers.  Assessment consists of a combination of how well:

  • The candidate understood the content of the section she delivered.
  • The candidate delivered the section, including engagement with the group, effective adult learning techniques, appropriate tone, professionalism, and approachability.
  • The candidate prepared for their presentation.  It shows when a candidates does not put in the work in the evenings or use the Master Trainer’s experience and accessibility.

The Master Trainer’s evaluation of the presentation is the foundation of the assessment.  Candidates also give and receive peer feedback.



MHFA Master Trainers

An MHFA Master Trainer is responsible for guiding candidates through their weeklong course to become an MHFA instructor.  Master Trainers demonstrate effective course delivery, assign sections of the course to be delivered by candidates, and provides constructive feedback and assessment of their performance.  Ultimately, the Master Trainer determines whether a candidate has the proficiency required to be an effective MHFA instructor.

Our Master Trainers have varied life experiences, and each has a base of knowledge and awareness of mental health that makes them a valuable and impactful mentor through the MHFA instructor training course.



Cost of Training

The $3,000 cost of the Veteran Community Instructor training has been funded by Veterans Affairs Canada. The training includes the five day training, an Instructor's Kit, and after training support from MHFA Canada. This includes:

  • Access to the Instructor's website
  • Updated materials
  • Ongoing program evaluation
  • Support from the MHFA Canada team

Participants are responsible for the cost of their travel and accommodation.

Candidate Deposit and Cancellation Fee

Once an application is approved, each candidate must provide a credit card or cheque in the amount of $750 to reserve space on a course. The credit card is charged or the cheque is cashed only when a candidate fails to provide a minimum of four weeks notice if unable to attend.



Staying Active

MHFA Instructors must adhere to all clauses listed in the MHFA Instructor Policy Handbook.  This includes:

  • Meeting minimum annual requirements to maintain certified status
  • Three courses per year and ongoing refresher activities
  • Maintaining fidelity to the MHFA course content and delivery as presented during the MHFA instructor training course
  • Adhering to provincial and national privacy laws as it regards the collection of personal information from participants
  • Meeting administrative requirements both before and after course delivery